Helping divorced and widowed women in their second half of life move forward with resilience, vitality and a positive sense of self

Roberta Taylor

Roberta Taylor
Coach for Divorced and Widowed Women

Meet Roberta

Are you surviving or thriving as a divorced or widowed woman in the second half of life?

In my mid 50’s, after twenty years of marriage, I divorced and unexpectedly lost my bearings. Even though I was a highly experienced therapist, losing my partner stole my sense of independence. When the water tank broke I felt helpless. When my beloved cat died, I was left feeling distraught and vulnerable.

The stress of day to day living wreaked havoc on my body.

Needing support, I hired a coach who helped me to consistently take better care of myself and set realistic goals for a more fulfilling future. Soon, I was thriving again!

Often, the only difference between surviving and thriving is asking for help. And that’s why I’ve dedicated my coaching business to women like you.

I help divorced and widowed women, in their second half of life, move forward with resilience, vitality and a positive sense of self.

When I’m not working with clients, you’ll find me enjoying my family and friends, writing, singing with The Mystic Chorale or volunteering with The Transition Network.

Roberta Taylor, Coach for Divorced and Widowed Women

Roberta’s Professional Background and Education

  • Experienced Psychotherapist
  • Board Certified Coach, The Institute for Life Coach Training
  • Retirement Options Certified Coach
  • Certified Money Coach
  • Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology, Rollins College
  • Founded Boston Chapter of The Transition Network (TTN)
  • Past President of National Speakers Association, New England