Helping divorced and widowed women in their second half of life move forward with resilience, vitality and a positive sense of self

Roberta Taylor

Roberta Taylor
Coach for Divorced and Widowed Women


Life rarely happens the way you’d expect.

Losing a partner in your second half of life, no matter what the cause, can snap your moorings and send you adrift.

You may be wondering … where has that intelligent, capable and vibrant woman gone? She’s still there within you.

It’s time to move forward. But you don’t have to do it alone. Imagine discovering joy in independence, restoring your vitality with life affirming activities, and becoming the director of your life again.

Start by taking stock of yourself with this assessment. 

Are you surviving or thriving
in your second half of life?

Discover how you might be holding yourself back and learn how to restore your vitality

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  • Antidote to Loneliness When You’re Suddenly Single

    Feeling lonely and depressed after divorce or being widowed is not uncommon. No longer being part of a couple is life altering. You take it for granted that friends and relatives will be there for you. But after a while they drift back to their own lives and concerns and you’re left feeling disconnected and…

  • The Challenges of Being Single Again in the Second Half of Life

    Challenges of Being Single Again in the Second Half of Life

    You didn’t plan on being single again but here you are. Whether divorced or widowed facing life after losing a partner is daunting. You’re on your own with overwhelming decisions to make in the midst of grief. You’re going through a major life transition. Change is inevitable. How will you rescript your life now? Some…

  • Decision Making When You’re Suddenly Single

    Decision Making When You’re Suddenly Single

    You’re divorced or widowed facing decisions that used to be shared. Even smart, independent women like you may have depended on their spouses when it came to finances, buying a new car or where to vacation.

  • Creating Your Single Space After Losing a Spouse

    Creating Your Single Space After Losing a Spouse

    Whether you were married for five years or fifty, when you lose your partner, either through divorce or death, you’re left with stuff. Every morning you wake up to things that elicit memories. Some you want to hold onto, others it’s time let go of. Clearing your space opens the opportunity to create an environment…

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